Andrew & ChrisThere are a growing number of people and couples who partner together for the Kingdom at various times and in various ways for specific purposes. We are from different churches and ministries, but with one heart and passion: To develop genuine family, seeing more of the Kingdom of Heaven established on earth, with God’s people coming into the fullness of their identity and destiny.

Andrew & Chris Leakey (Grace Community, Bath)

Ruth and Barrie Wright (Grace Community, Bath)

Giles and Ally Lascelle (Grace Community, Bath)

Jo & Phil Davies (Calne Community Church, Calne)

Paul & Carey Skelton

Paul & Sue Wakely (Father’s House, Bath)

Trev & Ros Dunlop (Grace Community, Bath)

Tom & Wyn Hoyles (Kingdom First, Addlestone & Grace Community, Bath)

Jon & Ann Bayliff (Believe, Portland)

Graham & Edith Hardy 

Steve & Janet Hughes (The Ark Community)


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